Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Christmas Stockings

When Jay and I got married, I planned on making our stockings for us (and eventually our family), and could never find a pattern that I loved. While visiting my parent's house a few Christmas' ago, I was rummiging around my Mom's old patterns and found it! It was a perfect stocking pattern! I really wanted BIG stockings, since mine growing up was knitted and stretched to fit A LOT OF LOOT! I started these bad boys last Christmas (2007) and never finished them, mostly because I was intimidated by sewing, especially with a pattern. I was surprised how easy and helpful using a pattern could be! I told myself I would have them done this year, and what do you know a whole year went by and I was STILL working on them on Christmas Eve! Oh well, at least they were finished! I am still planning on getting our names embroidered on the top cuff. Hopefully I'll get Blake's done before Christmas 2009, maybe I should get started now!

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